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5 Ways to Get Creative at Work

Being creative at work often requires bravery.

It also involves thinking out of the box, taking risks, moving out of the comfort zone…

It could even mean breaking a few rules.

Inspiring Creativity in the Workplace

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Get creative to get the best out of people

Creativity plays a key part in business success.

It’s the extra spark that ignites passion. It’s the touch of originality that kick-starts a great idea. And it’s the dash of flair that drives performance.

We naturally expect to find creativity in design studios, architectural practices, media agencies and other companies that make a living out of being visually imaginative and inventive. But can you find the same level of creativity at the widget manufacturer, or the waste management company, or 100s of other organisations that are not so obviously ‘creative’ on the surface?

The answer is yes, yes and yes!

Creativity in the workplace

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