How to be better organised in your home and office

Dreaming of a de-cluttered home and office?

Thanks to our busy lifestyles, it’s easy for clutter to build up around the home and keeping on top of everything can feel like an impossible task.

There’s a lot of satisfaction to be gained from having a place for everything – and everything in its place. Getting rid of clutter and being organised not only saves you time, but it’s also good for the mind.

Instead of feeling muddled, messy and in total disarray, you can become an oasis of calm in an otherwise frantic world.

And guess what? You’ll be far more productive at work, and have much more time to spend doing the kind of things you really enjoy.

Five Steps to Better Organisation

  1. Make a list – Creating lists will make the de-cluttering process easier. Lists give you goals to work towards, help to relieve stress, and you feel accomplished when you complete something and cross it off your list. Start by deciding what you want to keep, donate or throw away, making separate lists for each. You can then organise these items and throw away anything you no longer need.How to be better organised in your home and office - Creating Lists
  2. Plan in advance – Plan your days in advance to increase productivity with an organisation chart. Organisation charts are perfect for both the home and office to plan your days out. Why not laminate them and re-use over and over again!How to be better organised in your home and office - Organisation charts
  3. De-clutter – An efficient storage solution is a must when de-cluttering your home and office – ensuring everything has a home. This doesn’t need to be expensive, cardboard storage boxes are perfect for both home and office – they can help you keep paperwork in order and create a logical filing system.How to be better organised in your home and office - Bankers Box
  4. Use a shredder – Stop the paperwork piling up by shredding any documents you no longer need. Not only does this de-clutter, but you are protecting your confidential information from the risk of identity theft.How to be better organised in your home and office - Shred
  5. Keep your desk neat and tidy – It’s here where good organisation is key to being super-efficient, creative and productive. Using workstation desk accessories such as filing trays, laptop lifts and monitor risers, helps to de-clutter your workspace and keep everything in order. Keep your desk in tip-top condition with screen and surface cleaner.How to be better organised at home and in the office - Messy Desk

Following these Five Steps will help you to be thoroughly organised in your work and at home – every day of the year.

To discover more ways to de-clutter and become better organised in your home and office visit


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